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What Quest

The Quest by Unilever is Unilever’s cross university, cross country competition across North Africa & Middle East. 
It will run across 7 countries: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, and Lebanon.

With unmatched experience and unmatched prizes, The Quest by Unilever is the student competition that puts your passion for business to the test and 'brings your ideas to life'. You'll be working with real-life business cases and addressing existing business challenges, which will not only test your knowledge for business, but also teach you along the process.
The Quest by Unilever will be your real-life contact with your local market and its challenges, an experience which is perhaps even more valuable than an internship, and may even be your fast-track access card to Unilever's recruitment process for internships and/or full-time employment.

Through a 4-phase series of challenges that range from Marketing to Finance, and from Logistics to Management, your talent will be put to the test against students from top universities in the region.

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