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stage1 stage1-title
1st October - 30th October

The first step to being a part of the exciting Quest journey is registration.

Registrations will close on 29th October, UAE time, and are on an individual basis so make sure you register online before then!

stage2 stage2-title
12th November-30th November

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to experience a day at Unilever where you will get first hand exposure in a company known to be a key player in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry

This is an unmatched real-life experience of the business world as you will get to interact with numerous managers and business leaders from a broad range of business disciplines. Learning through experience is the motto of the day!

Please Note

Shortlisted candidates from the experience Unilever day will be required to complete a digital application prior to stage 3. The details for this will be communicated to the selected candidates who will need to complete the process before the given deadline.

stage3 stage3-title
1st December-20th December

Your business acumen will be put to the test as you compete to be crowned the country champions through a business simulation!

The simulation is very competitive and will put your knowledge and expertise to the test through an educational and interactive experience.

stage4 stage4-title
Feb 19th-22th

The country champions from each country will meet in NAME camp to compete for the winning title of NAME Camp Champions!

The winning team will receive the funding and resources to work with our leading brands to make their ideas come to life at Unilever. The top 3 participants will get to travel abroad to Unilever Headquarters to participate in the Future Leaders League.

By qualifying for NAME Camp, you get direct entry into our internship program and the opportunity to be a part of Unilever’s Future Leaders Program,.

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